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Your Guest Profile & How to Cater to Them

Weekend Guests – many weekend guests will be staying at you property to celebrate a special occasion or maybe for a hen party. You will find that many of them will be local to your area, travelling sometimes as little as just over 30 minutes.

Their reason for choosing your property is it’s close proximity and it’s suitability for their stay. Often guests will be family members or friends who haven’t seen each other in a while and their want to catch up. These guests will often spent a lot of their time in your home, they aren’t necessarily interested in what the area has to offer but what your property has to offer. Does it have a games room, a hot tub, are the dining facilities suitable for a celebration dinner. The services they tend to use our catering, wine tasting, cocktail making and maybe spa treatments.
Hot Tub

The group dynamics may range from young children up to grandparents and even great grandparents and many will be coming in the winter months, therefore your property, particularly, if it is rural, needs to offer these added extras.

Weekly Guests

Weekly guests will more likely be coming from further afield and whilst they still want the same from a house as weekend guests, they are more likely to be visiting during the school holidays and therefore you need to ensure your outside space offers tables and chairs and BBQ facilities, possibly sun loungers, umbrellas etc.   Outside space, ideally needs to be secure for both children and pets.

Your weekly guests will spend more time exploring the surrounding area, we at House Parties, provide them with a digital welcome book which includes suggestions for places to visit, however, it is also a good idea to provide some additional in-house information.

Hen Parties

Hen Parties are hugely popular in all of our houses and most hens want the same from a property as weekend guests, however, it is always nice to offer a view complimentary gifts suited to hen parties, some luxury toiletries, or bottles of Prosecco.

An estimated 1.4 million people will stay in the UK for a holiday this year so they can take their dog with them, according to a new study. If you don’t accept pets you are limiting your reach of potential customers.   Owners are often wary of pets and there really is no reason. I think the photo below sums this up nicely. It was a Facebook post by a hotelier, but it sums the facts up quite nicely. As a company we prefer not to charge extra for pets.

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