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Group Accommodation in Tenby

Made popular back in Victorian times, Tenby is a small, walled seaside town located on the western side of Carmarthen Bay in Pembrokeshire, southwest Wales. The town became popular when the Napoleonic wars restricted the richer tourists from getting away to their favourite spa resorts in Europe, thus making a need for a more home-based getaway solution.

Investments were made in the town starting in 1802 to make Tenby a fashionable bathing establishment for the high society of the time. The colourful Victorian revival architecture still exists in Tenby today, lending a feel of the French Riviera to the town. Today, Tenby is the perfect destination for groups of family or friends to spend time together at the seaside, whether for a long weekend or full week.

For lovers of sea and sand, Tenby offers 2.5 miles of sandy beaches, and boats sail out from the harbour to the offshore Caldey Island, making for a pleasant day’s outing. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path, which is part of Wales’ only coastal National Park, heads alongside the town, offering a beautiful walk in the fresh sea air.

While the economy of Tenby is mainly tourism based, this is also supported by a range of local goods stores selling craft art made by the thriving artist community in the town. The streets of Tenby are enjoyable to visit, with many other shops, restaurants and pubs available to tourists. There are over 200 listed buildings and other historic structures within the town and the original castle walls of the town still stand.

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