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High tea, picnics in the countryside; the UK is a destination that exudes luxury. If you want to experience all of the luxury that the UK has to offer but don’t know where to start, compiling a bucket list to keep it all organized can be useful. Don’t even know what to put on the list? Don’t have the time to even make one? Don’t worry, we’ve done that all for you. If you are ready to travel your way around the UK in a luxurious way, check out this ultimate luxury bucket list.

Have a Spa Day in Bath

Not only is Bath one of the most sophisticated towns in the UK, but it also has been deemed a World UNESCO Heritage site. This historic Roman city is full of excellent spa treatments and an added atmosphere of luxury. While you can’t exactly bathe in the historic baths, there are plenty of modern spas that offer top-notch treatments.


Take an English Countryside Excursion

There may not be any place more romantic than the English countryside. The lush green hills are sprinkled with quaint villages and niche markets that make just a drive around the area an adventure. Take time to explore the lovely villages of the Cotswold’s, the beaches of Devon and the laid back fishing villages of Cornwall.

Sip Cocktails in a London Speakeasy

Speakeasies within themselves are absolutely divine. They’ve got the atmosphere and the crafty cocktails to match. London is crawling with these prohibition style hangouts so it’s just a matter of dressing your best and going out to find one. Some top hideouts in London include: Jub Jub, Barts, Evans & Peel Detective Agency and Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town.


Have a Fancy High Tea in London

Going for High Tea is pretty standard around London. Women can be seen chatting over some scones and a brew in between shopping sessions at the department store or with their families in tea rooms. However, the High Tea experience can be one of absolute luxury if you do it right. Try having tea at the Ritz, where you will be expected to dress to the nines and act the part.

Take a Train Ride on The Belmond Northern Belle

The Scottish countryside is an incredible site, full of lush green mountains and the occasional castle. A ride on this train will not only whisk you effortlessly through the scenery but also provide you with an unforgettable luxury experience. They offer train rides equipped with champagne, afternoon tea and wandering musicians. You will really get the royal treatment on this ride.

Belmond Northern Belle

Wander Scotland’s Whiskey Trail

The Speyside region of Scotland is brimming with world class whiskey distilleries. In fact, more than half of the country’s whiskey distilleries can be found here. Hire a car and set off on the trail where you can taste the spirit from the source at places like Glenlivet, Glenfarclas, and Dallas Dhu. Take your time wandering around the gorgeous highlands as you taste whiskey that is considered to be some of the best in the world.

See a Match at Wimbledon

It’s the most famous tennis venue in the world and is equated with those living the high life. The Wimbledon championships take place in June so make sure to snag yourself a courtside seat and settle in with a glass of champagne. Anyone who’s anyone will be there so make sure to look your best and enjoy the match.


Tour The Royal Yacht Britannia

This yacht was the floating home of the queen and one of her favorite places to spend time. It has sailed thousands of miles around the world and now resides right outside of Edinburgh. Private tours of the vessel are available, and the experience is quite exclusive. You will be let in on little secrets of the yacht’s happenings and shown around all five decks too.

Play Golf at St. Andrews

Scotland is famous for its golf courses and St. Andrews is one that is considered legendary. In fact, almost all of the most famous figures in the sport have played this course at some point in their career, allowing you to walk in the footsteps of some true golf heroes. While you are playing on some truly renowned green, make sure to look up every once and while at the stunning Scotland views.

st andrews

Tour Castles in Wales

The lush, green countryside of Wales is full of ancient castles. Just a drive through the country will yield more castles than you may have ever seen in your life. Hire a car or get a driver and start exploring the luxurious castles that dot the country. A few of interest include: Raglan Castle, Carreg Cennen, Cardiff Castle, Caerphilly Castle, Conwy Castle, Harlech Castle and Caernarfon Castle.

Have Dinner at Circus in London

This cabaret restaurant/ cocktail bar is one of the most intriguing nightlife options in London. The food is the quality of a Michelin Star restaurant and the performances are just as impressive. The Pan-Asian menu has plenty of tasty options and the cocktails have been known to attract a few celebrities into the joint. Sit back, grab your drink and get ready for the acrobatics, table dances and beautiful people who grace the stage with their talents.

Circus London

Go Wine Tasting Outside of London

You don’t have to leave the UK for France just to go wine tasting. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the surrounding area of London. Clear your pallet and get ready to taste some of England’s finest wines on a self guided tour. Some top notch places to check out are Ridgeview Estate, Biddenden Vineyards, Nyetimber, London Cru and Bolney Wine Estate.

Take a Train Ride Through Snowdonia

Snowdon Mountain railway is the ultimate journey through this absolutely stunning area of North Wales. The train ride takes about two and a half hours and will be a comfy place to take a break and stare out the window in awe. Expect to see some pretty fabulous castles along the way too.


 Hit The Links in Wales

Scotland isn’t the only place with exquisite golf courses. Wales definitely gives them a run for their money with their very own green. The northern part of Wales is known to have the best links courses while the south is better for parkland courses. Some of the most prestigious courses to visit include: Celtic Manor Resort, Conwy, Machynys Golf and Country Club and the Vale Resort.

Dine In Wales’ Top Restaurants

While you may not think of Wales as a foodie destination, the offerings here are on par with some pretty world famous cuisine. The best way to experience it is to take your own self-guided tour around to some of the top ten establishments. Try The Walnut Tree, the top fine dining restaurant in the country. There is also Tyddyn Lian, which is perfectly placed right in the romantic foothills of Snowdonia National Park and The Potted Pig which offers traditional dishes with a castle backdrop. Head to the Hardwick for some Michelin Star fine dining or Sosban for some extremely hearty Welsh classics.

potted pig

Cruise Loch Ness

You can’t visit Scotland without seeing the world famous Loch Ness and searching for the elusive monster, Nessie. The area itself is gorgeous with the pitch black waters and surrounding forest. There are tons of tour options that will take you out on the water to really experience it’s mystery first hand. Luxury cruises are abound so you will be sure to find the right ride for your style. Just make sure to keep on the lookout for Nessie.

Get a Spa Treatment in a Scottish Castle

Castles are luxurious on their own, but adding an opulent spa to the mix makes the whole situation much better. Stobo is considered to be Scotland’s only destination spa as its held within the walls of an ancient castle. The treatment list is long and you will feel like royalty throughout the entire experience. Plus, who doesn’t want to tell their friends that they had a massage in a castle?

stobo castle

Wander Around Cambridge

It’s one of the most prestigious universities in the world and just the architecture alone is enough to draw in visitors. Make the journey to the grounds and you will be able to tour the buildings, look at exquisite art collections, historic inns and elegantly disheveled book stores. The entire property has a sophisticated feel about it so you will surely fit right in.

See The Royal Sites of London

London is full of actual royalty, and you can’t get more luxurious than that. Take a journey to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London and Kensington Palace. Sure, these are some of the most popular sites to visit on a London trip but they are worth it none the less.

buckingham palace

Find The Treasures at Land’s End

Located in Cornwall, this destination brings you right to the cliffs that overlook the Atlantic ocean. It was once an ancient kingdom but now stands as a stunning display of history. You can see the castle-topped island that is attached to the mainland or the subtropical gardens that are located on nearby islands. The area is also full of art galleries showing off abstract and avant-garde works. It’s a seafront beauty that is often difficult to leave behind.

Attend The Glyndebourne Festival

Taking place in the lovely green hills of Sussex Down, this country estate has been drawing in opera lovers for decades. It’s kind of a socialite event where visitors can experience both local and international performers and attend an evening picnic in the gardens. Cows and sheep will roam around in the background as you enjoy the summer weather and watch the musicians showing off their best tunes.


Visit The Lake District

Located in Lancashire and Cumbria, there are over 15 different lakes sprawled out amongst a display of natural beauty. Amongst the miles of absolute perfection, there are quaint villages and outstanding restaurants to be sampled along the way. Poet, William Wordsworth once said that this lake district is “the loveliest spot that man has ever known.” Don’t you think you should see it for yourself?

Edinburgh Castle

You can’t miss it; the centrepiece of the city. This ancient castle can be seen from almost any point in Edinburgh and looks just as regal as it actually is. Take a tour to see all of its architectural beauty while taking a look at the Crown Jewels, the Stone of Destiny and the Royal Palace. Just a quick stroll through and you will be able to tell exactly why it once was the home to royalty.


Attend The Highland Games

This event is one of the top displays of Scottish culture in the country. It’s a culture and sporting event that celebrates everything Scottish. Throughout the summer, various towns around the country will hold events that are reminiscent of the ones held around 900 years ago. Visitors will hear the sweet sound of bagpipes, see plenty of men in kilts and will get to witness traditional sports like, “throwing the hammer.” Attending the event is a fantastic way to learn about Scotland’s culture while taking in the sights that even members of the royal family used to travel to see.

Orkney Islands

If you want to travel a bit off the beaten path, this island archipelago is your best bet! The islands have only been part of Scotland since the 1400s as they were under Viking rule prior. Take ferries around to the different islands and explore the natural beauty and architecture that is all around. You’ll find castles and restaurants to fill your time while you explore one of Scotland’s more remote areas.



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