House Parties features stylish, large holiday homes in the U.K. Let us help you find the perfect group accommodation for your break …

Want someone to plan activities for your entire stay?

Now that you have booked an amazing place to stay with House Parties, why not let Secret Concierge take care of the rest of the arrangements? Whatever the reason for your trip, we can make the difference between just a couple of nights away and a truly relaxing or adventurous break filled with the things you love doing the most or have always wanted to try.

Let us inspire you with ideas for your hen party. How about your own ‘Bake-Off’ challenge or a dance class, or perhaps a wine tasting? Let us help you plan a memorable itinerary to suit all the members of your party. From seeking out the hippest restaurants and bars, to tickets to the hottest show in town to tailor-made tours and cocktail classes, when it comes to making reservations, organising events and experiences we’re your little black book of the best contacts in town. 

I’m Susan Duncombe, Founder of Secret Concierge, your key to unlocking a fantastic weekend away. Setting up Secret Concierge was a natural progression for me after spending years at American Express planning events, experiences and creating relationships with members nationally and internationally. Throwing film premiere parties, arranging corporate retreats and organising exclusive dinners in amazing locations are just part of my experience as well as helping members celebrate special occasions, milestone birthdays and enjoy active social lives. Secret Concierge can help you make the most of your time whether it is organising caterers and wait staff for a special dinner, arranging giggles-guaranteed group activities or developing a bespoke itinerary for you and your friends and family (including the four-legged variety). What are you waiting for? Secret Concierge is for time spent well so that you can have the time of your life.

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