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Location, location, location

Firstly, let’s talk about location. There are just some areas of the country that people simply don’t consider as a holiday destination and no matter how lovely your house is and how much money you spend on marketing it, if it’s not in the right area you are not going to get favourable occupancy levels or rates.

Whether your property is rural or in a town or city, the following requirements are essential: –

As many bathrooms or shower rooms as possible

In an ideal world, each bedroom should have its own bath or shower room. In period properties, this may not always be possible, but do always strive to get as many shower or bathrooms in your house as you can. But do ensure your hot water system can cope; there is no point in offering 8 showers if they can’t all be used at once. Many of your guests will be groups of friends who are not related to each other and therefore do not want to share their bathroom with anyone else.

Enough entertaining space

If your home can sleep 20 guests you need to make sure your dining room and dining table can also seat 20 guests. Make sure you have more than one living room; if you have a large family staying the children may want to watch a movie in one room, someone else may want to read a book by the fire away from the noise.

Make sure your home can cater easily for the number of guests. If you can accommodate 20 guests, you are going to need to have at least two dishwashers, two fridges and certainly one very large oven, if not two.

The wow factor

Successful properties have a wow factor; it could be an exceptional view, it could be a beautiful listed building, it could be location or it could be an unusual feature not found in many other houses, such as a cinema room.

Properties need to cater to a broad range of guests but they also need to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to be a little bold in your choices. (See our page on furnishing a holiday home for more ideas).

We are actively looking for rural properties as well as town and city locations. Both are very popular but guests looking at rural properties have different requirements to those looking to stay in a town or city location.

Guests looking for a town or city break are generally going to be out most of the day and will certainly go out one of the two evenings during their stay. Therefore games rooms, cinemas etc aren’t as high on their wish list. The criteria for this type of property is location, it needs to be within walking distance of at least some good bars and restaurants and preferably close to some tourist attractions. Guests don’t want to take a 15-minute bus ride. While many will come by train, a lot of guests will still come by car so even if your property is in a town or city, providing parking is an absolute necessity.

Guests choosing a more rural location generally have a more extensive list of requirements. Many guests, staying for just a few nights, may not even leave the property after they arrive. They will often not be tourists, but be travelling as little as a 30 – 40 minute drive away. Many guests are looking for a house large enough to accommodate their friends and family, some of whom they may not see very regularly and therefore the weekend will be about entertaining within the house.

Hot tubs

Our most popular request is for houses with hot tubs. They are without doubt the most popular added extra and whilst the initial outlay is quite high, they are the one item I recommend to all property owners.

A games room is also frequently requested, with a pool or snooker table, darts board, X-box etc.

Offering at least two sitting rooms is essential, one as a TV room. This gives multi-generational groups the space they need.

Outside space needs to be safe and secure for children, with a BBQ and adequate seating. A swing set or trampoline will keep children occupied in the warmer months.

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