We have curated The Privé Collection to showcase properties that stand out from the crowd. These properties offer something unique, whether it be a stunning view or location or unique interiors.

We believe that your property deserves showcasing, to be in the limelight and not hidden amongst properties of all sizes and standards on large OTA’s. After all, you wouldn’t try and sell a brand new Tesla in a second-hand car showroom so we won’t place your property anywhere on the web that doesn’t showcase it in the right light and to your ideal customer base.


(Drylaw House in Edinburgh had just over £135,000 of bookings secured for 2020 by the end of January 2020.  We have already worked with the owners to develop the rate structure for 2022 and are predicted rental income of approximately £230,000 plus).

We can help you get the customers you want for your property.

Not every property is the same, and not every customer is either. Despite what the online travel agents (OTAs) tell us, the lowest price isn’t always the deciding factor. They will also have us believe that guests want a 100% automated booking process from start to finish. The majority of our guests book online, but only after they have either called us or emailed us with specific questions before this point. If guests are spending anywhere between £3500 – maybe £8000 on their weekend stay they need to feel special, and an automated email response will not do.

Many of our customers come to us because they are planning a celebration, such as a 40th or 50th birthday and they want something special, a little bit different; they also wish to receive personal service which they won’t get from other OTAs.
Please fill out the form on the right-hand side to find out more about listing your property on the Privé Collection.

We offer a very competitive rate of 12%; however, for properties to be in the Privé collection, we require a sole agency agreement.

Placing your property on our niche website can help you to build your brand.

We appreciate that homeowners want to build their brand and that this is essential to encourage repeat business and valuable customer recommendations. We also realise some owners have or will have their website and social media presence. We can help with that too. Whether your property is listed in the Privé collection or not, we will always market your house with its real name.

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