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Since establishing House Parties 15 years ago, we have often been asked by properties owners if they can list their property on our site. Well now; we are delighted to be able to announce that we can seamlessly combine our existing agency properties with listing properties. We are currently welcoming new listing from properties located in England and Wales.



After 15 years offering large, luxury holiday houses, we’ve learned a lot about property owners. Some do not have the time to manage bookings, and for them, our Privé or Agency Package is the perfect solution. They do not need to worry about marketing, answering emails, social media, taking payments etc.
We also know that there are owners like you, who want and like to be hands-on, your property is your business and your passion, and that’s why we decided there was no better time than now to offer this new package. OTA’s have caused a lot of disruption in the marketplace for quite some time. In certain cities, this has resulted in oversupply, and as a result, average rates have fallen. The actions some took during the pandemic resulted in severe financial hardship for many property companies.

OTA’s are not going away whether we like it or not, they have their uses within the marketing mix, but they can’t do Niche! We are a long-established Niche website, and we can help you to:-

  • Grow your brand – your property will get listed, as with all our properties, under its real name. Guests can’t recommend you to friends and family if they don’t know the actual name of your property!
  • Control your rates and Terms and Conditions. If you need some help, we are always happy to advise, but otherwise, it’s your property, your choice.
  • Get to know your guest from the very beginning, your listing will have a direct link to your email, website, telephone number and if you have a PMS system a link to your booking calendar. Each page will also have an enquiry form so guests can send a detailed request straight to your inbox.  (Please note:  We cannot link to any OTA sites or OTA calenders).
  • We care about your pocket. We will send you regular updates as to how your property listing has performed. We want to make sure your enquiries are translating into bookings because what we want is properties on our site that stay on our site.
  • Our experience has taught us that if you have a large holiday property, you will have many customer avatars and for this reason we plan to target all of these through our blog posts and social media posts. For example, many guests are looking to celebrate a special birthday, so our schedule of blog posts will include topics such as 40th Birthday party ideas in the Cotswolds or a Luxury Country Hen Weekend in Herefordshire
    We are also collaborating with more companies that provide services that your guests might enjoy. For example, Rupert Forsythe who provide champagne with bespoke labels or The Liana Cocktail Co who offer pre-made cocktails delivered to your door.
  • Your property listing will also come with a blog post detailing all the services guests can experience during their stay with you. From local chefs to in-house beauty treatments, cocktail making lessons, wine tasting, whatever local companies you work with, we will help you to support them too. Never before has it been more critical for independent companies to help each other.

Like many independent companies, we have decided to provide a new service to help property owners. To begin with, we are keeping things straightforward—a one-off price for the year.

Get more Direct Bookings for £495.00 plus VAT. Your property will be:-

    • Listed for one year on our established website (15 years) dedicated to large holiday properties in the U.K.
    • You can include up to 40 photographs.
    • If you have a video of your property, please send us a copy for inclusion on your property page.
    • We will upload your photographs and videos onto our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages.
    • Each property will get a “new property” feature post on Facebook and Instagram.
    • If you have any new features, special offers, or any other exciting news, drop us an email, and we will add it to our social media schedule.
    • Your property will also feature in the next available newsletter.

How do I list my property?

  • Send us your high-resolution photos and videos via free service We Transfer using email: as the recipient email address.
  • Leave the rest to us! We will write your property description to ensure that the copy is unique; Google does not like duplicate content.

We look forward to working with you so together we can all take a step back, become a little bit more “old school” and provide our customers with some good old fashioned customer service. Unlike other sites, we are self-funded, we are working to create a site that works for you and us and most importantly, our potential customers.


Add your listing to House Parties and start benefiting from your having your property on our website.


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