Holiday Letting – A great way for Ex-pats to earn revenue on their home

The latter part of 2017 saw a surge in properties being purchased by ex-pats. In particular, the trend is to buy larger country homes or townhouses with a view to living in the homes once buyers eventually return to the UK.

Many will put their home on the long let market to service any mortgage taken, but if you are an ex-pat with a large house, either town or country, with over 6 bedrooms, then an alternative to the long-term let market is the ever-growing holiday let market.

This can generate more income than a long-term let with demand for houses all year around. Our most popular houses generate bookings nearly every weekend or week of the year, and rental incomes range from anywhere between £65,000 to £200,000 (depending on size, location and availability). However, we do not insist on properties being available 52 weeks of the year so you are free to use your home whenever you like, if eg you want to return to the UK for the summer holidays then you have use of your home for 6 or 8 weeks, we will just rent it when you don’t want to use it.

To find out more on how we can generate income for your home, email me, Helen Thomas at or call 01242 285755.

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