Furnishing a Holiday Home

If you are just starting furnishing your holiday home from scratch, it is going to be a very expensive task. Make sure you spend your money wisely.

A guest will remember that they didn’t sleep well because the mattress was cheap and uncomfortable but they probably won’t even notice your pots and pans are from Ikea (which actually I strongly recommend for kitchen equipment!).

Therefore, spend your money on furnishing your holiday home on the items that are going to make your guests write you a great review: –

  • Good, comfortable beds
  • Comfortable and durable sofas
  • Dining chairs – these will get a lot of use and buying cheap ones is a false economy as you will simply end up replacing them on a regular basis
  • You will probably need to clean your carpets at least several times a year; a cheap carpet will not wear so well and may even shrink over time, so a good quality, neutral wool carpet is required.

When choosing bathrooms and kitchens for your holiday home, I recommend something that is reasonably timeless and won’t look out of date quickly. It needs to be easy to clean as well; avoid kitchens with fiddly handles and grooves in the doors or shower cubicles with runners that you simply can’t clean without removing the whole door.

When choosing a colour scheme for your holiday rental, bear in mind how the colours will look on a photograph. A neutral colour scheme might not stand out enough and won’t catch people’s eye, so you need to add points of focus, such as large colourful artwork, cushions, throws, curtains and rugs. Make sure cushions and throws are washable and try to choose things that are easy to maintain and clean. A chandelier can look wonderful in the right setting but they aren’t easy or quick to clean!

You also need to consider who your customers are likely to be, for example a 5 bedroom house by the water in Devon is likely to attract a lot of families with children of all ages. I don’t recommend decorating rooms specifically for children but make sure there are things that will appeal to them; maybe you can dedicate a small room as a children’s den or play room?

The larger your house the more important it is that you have a variety of living rooms. You need one big enough for everyone to be together, but likewise a cosy room for reading in front of the fire or a TV room for the children; people often want to be able to spread out.

So, when it comes to furnishing your holiday home, the message is simple – have fun but bear in mind what sort of clientele you are appealing to.

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