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Bloggers are the ones who keep the world ticking these days. They’ve overtaken traditional media for their candid and human qualities. And you can’t turn a corner without a blogger, vlogger or internet star infiltrating your life in some way. Love them or loathe them, we can’t deny that they keep us entertained, well-informed, and on our toes waiting eagerly for the next video or blog post.

Here at House Parties, we’re always taking an interest in what’s happening in the UK. With properties across all areas of the country, lifestyle blogs can be of great value to our work and our customers who are in search of a party property to rent.

But if you’re new to blogs, we know that it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin. The web is inundated with bloggers – but some are better than others – so here is our list of favourite lifestyle blogs to follow in 2015.

Happy reading…



Love From Cornwall is blog about a little bit of everything by Char and Sy, a young couple living in Cornwall who enjoy nothing more than sharing their adventures with their readers. Char describes herself as a “wanderluster, travel planner and lifelong beach addict” whilst Sy sees himself as a “laidback sun seeker and old-school romantic”.

The pair tell their personable story of Cornish living as well as taking you on their never-ending journey of world travel. Both big fans of sun and sea, it’s no surprise that they have been to Brazil, Hawaii and Australia. But it’s not just their big adventures that they like to blog about. The little adventures matter too; Char and Sy share tales from music festivals, their love of surfing and also their thoughts on fashion and shopping right here in Great Britain.




Written from the heart by a twenty something everything-enthusiast in the UK, Eat Travel Love shares the very best from one girl’s travels, food and lifestyle encounters. Blogger Gwen has followers on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine, Bloglovin’ and Google+, and she loves to talk travel, food and everything else in between.

Gwen shares her passion on bars, cafes, markets and restaurants in the UK as well as giving you photo accounts of her voyages across Europe, Australia, South America and North America, South East Asia and parts of Africa. And as a soon to be bride, she also loves to share her ideas on weddings, hair and beauty, fashion, home ware and anything else that makes her tick.




Bonnie Rose has lived an interesting life as a military kid; having moved all around Europe with her father’s military bases and later moving to the United States, this well-travelled lady has seen the world. Until recently when Bonnie chose to live the expat life with her husband and two kids in Bath, England, she had never resided in one single place for longer than three years. So travelling around is a huge part of her blog.

A regular contributor to the #TRAVELTUESDAY conversation on Twitter, Bonnie Rose delivers great insights into her life as a travel expert and UK expat. But she also discusses life as a wife and mother, sometimes posting about arts and crafts with her two young sons, or makeup tips for fellow female readers. If you’re looking for a lifestyle blog written by an interesting personality, be sure to check out Bonnie’s blog.




With over 8,000 followers on Twitter, blogger Kate from Fabric of My Life is no stranger to capturing her audience. Fabric of My Life is a wonderful website dedicated to all things inspired; described as an online inspiration scrapbook, Kate uses this online space to collect ideas and imagery. She also uses it to post her thoughts and musings on everything design, everything fashion, everything travel and everything life.

What began as a hobby for Kate has now transformed into something much bigger and since the blog started in 2009, Kate has become a regular contributor of Heart Home magazine and she has also developed a great online following.

From #OOTD and delicious dessert recipes (such as her mouth-watering peanut butter cookies) to adventures in Helsinki and her posts on selecting paint colours, there’s nothing left unsaid. A great blog for the similarly curious.




Male lifestyle blogs – or at least good ones – are hard to come by. The blogosphere is dominated by female bloggers. But when you’re in need of some male orientated fashion advice, travel advice or some tried and tested restaurants in and around London, where do you go? The Gentleman Traveller, written by David Hamilton, is said to “enhance a gentleman’s lifestyle” – that’s the aim of the blog and it certainly does provide some great ideas for the modern man who wants to live and eat well.

This blog is a great guide for those residing in London but it also covers travel to other UK and worldwide destinations too. Read about David’s travel adventures from Dorset to Grenada or head to his food section for some candid accounts of dining experiences, both good and bad.

The Gentleman Traveller also touches on style so if you’re looking for fashion advice or an insight into trends, be sure to add this blog to your must-read list in 2015.




With a big focus on beauty but also making room for all things lifestyle, Lil Miss Chickas written by blogger Charlotte covers anything from the latest Nars foundation to the coolest coffee house in Birmingham.

Charlotte confesses that she has a short attention span, warning readers not to be surprised if her blogging topics jump from one thing to another. But we think that’s what makes her lifestyle blog so wonderfully charming. Lil Miss Chickas is a great blog to follow if you’re interested in a little bit of everything, including occasional videos on what great home ware or beauty products Charlotte is hauling from the high street.




Blogger Jenny lives in the picturesque county of Norfolk with her boyfriend Ben and her Springer Spaniel Pip. She loves marshmallows, vintage tea cups, and roses. You can probably tell already that her blog is wholesome in every way – and very much like stepping into the window of someone’s life, Sunny Sweet Pea is a warming online diary of an ordinary female whom so many people can connect with.

Get the latest updates on the beautiful Norfolk area of the UK, find delicious sweet and savoury recipes, get reviews on the books of our time, or get to grips with health and fitness through Jenny’s motivating triathlon stories.




Named as one of Company Magazine’s “superbloggers” and cited by The Telegraph as “the most polished of hyphenates”, Peony Lim is a highly acclaimed lifestyle blogger. But actually, Peony is much more than that. She’s a serious career girl who juggles being a model, stylist and brand consultant. And her blog is a great insight into her busy but dreamy life, as well as a great go-to place for the sexiest gastronomic recipes (avocado mousse and fig parcels anyone?), the most up and coming fashion designers, and the best DIY tutorials.

When it comes to big name brands, Peony has already collaborated with Michael Kors, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Revlon, Tibi, Club Monaco, and Gucci.

Everything is shot using a Canon 5D Mark III with L-series lenses so readers will find the images to be nothing less than outstanding. And there’s no denying Peony’s visual photography skills; with over 53,000 followers on Instagram, it’s easy to see that her photos are simple addictive.


9| BETH NORTON is a down to earth blog managed by a psychology student at York University. Beth dreams of a career in fashion one day and her blog was started so that she could document her personal style and important life events. One day she could be sharing her outfit of the day, and then another day she could be talking about an emotional argument with her mum and the little details of her uni life.

As down to earth and as ‘real’ as this blog is, Beth is something of an internet star. On Instagram, she has already grown a follow of over 13,000 fans, with each of her social media images receiving hundreds and hundreds of likes and comments.




If you’re a frequent reader of blogs, you might agree that so many these days are simply style over substance; plenty of pretty pictures but very little valuable content to take away. The Dragons and Fairydust blog certainly doesn’t boast the photography skills of some other top blog sites, but it certainly provides value for the reader.

Browse through a huge archive of recipes to get inspiration for your next dinner party or read beauty reviews, book reviews and other products reviews written from the point of view of a very ordinary everyday mum, wife and avid baker. As someone that so many people can relate to, it’s hard not to find the Dragons and Fairydust website completely compelling.

The blogger behind the website, Alison is also a keen competition seeker so you will have access to the latest giveaways and competitions available online.




The Daily Mail cited Rosie, along with some other “superbloggers” as one of the most powerful and influential women in the UK. With more 37,000 Twitter users hanging on her every tweet and over 100,000 Instagrammers liking and commenting on her posts, we have to agree. Rosie first created to keep in touch with her friends and family as she roamed around the world but today her website has grown into something so much bigger.

Rosie’s writing and photography takes us on a tour of life around London and beyond. From documenting her nights out to London’s hottest bars and watering holes to sailing in Indonesia, everything about is extremely glamorous. But behind all that glamour is a warm and understanding personality, one which every reader will grow to love.




When it comes to blog categories, Poppy really does have it all. This London lifestyle blogger covers just about everything in life and it’s really no exaggeration. For foodies, she covers restaurants and cafes, bars and booze, kitchen recipes, breakfast and brunch, afternoon tea, cakes and bakes, and delicious sweet treats. For culture vultures she shares posts on her book club, book reviews, poetry, film and theatre, music and gigs, workshops and classes and also features a ‘just for fun’ section for miscellaneous entertainment. If you love getting out and about, you will love her categories on travel, hotels and spas, plus festivals and camping. Or for art lovers, you will find a world of inspiration in Poppy’s craft category, her art and design category or her Etsy category.

Fashion and beauty products also make an appearance on her blog and you will love how much effort Poppy puts into her photography. Images of food will have you salivating just at the sight and her travel photos will leave you feeling desperate to jump on a plane.




Blogger Matthew Pike has developed some pretty impressive credentials with his Buckets & Spades blog over the years. It was selected by the famous Susie Lau (of Style Bubble) to feature in a book called ‘Style Feed: The World’s Top Fashion Blogs’ (hardcover available on Amazon) and it was also voted the ‘7th Most Followed Fashion Blog in the UK’ by Les Cashiers.

So when it comes to fashion, Mat really does know what he’s talking about. But for those who take the time to follow Bucket & Spades, there is so much more to discover. As a creative graduate and freelance writer, Mat is always searching for design or lifestyle inspiration. He talks about brands, he posts about the latest fashion lookbooks, he reviews products, he shares his everyday adventures and he even takes to talking about life in general.

For those with a penchant for fashion, Mat also posts the occasional outfit of the day with a little help from his blogging buddies Nik, Yasumi and Hollie; expect superb photography from this super team of creative pals.

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