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Highland Games

Highland Games

If you are looking for a fun-filled, laid-back outdoor event with a Scottish twist, then this one is for you!   Enjoy a mini version of the classic Scottish highland games at a venue that suits you.  In Your Element instructors, clad in kilts will test your physical skills and determination.  Teams (or ‘clans’ as we like to call them) will compete in both traditional (and less traditional) Highland events.  It will be the task of the Clan Chief to rally his or her clan to meet the challenges ahead of them.  It’s surprising just how competitive some of these events get when a the chance to get one over on your close friend or a family member pops up!

During the event some of our traditional events can include everyone’s favourite, Tossing the caber, along with shot putt, weight for distance, and tug of war.  We can also include some less authentic Highland Games events like sack races, Chuck the chicken, Haggis Hurling or Well Whanging, all of which are lots of fun, no matter your age.  We have different sizes of equipment available to encourage everyone to take part.  It’s not all about brute strength though, as skill and technique are just as important.

Highland Games

Over the years we have held Highland Games events for family groups, stag and hen groups, visiting international businessmen or tour groups.  One of our more notable venues was on Morar Sands near the end of the Mallaig train line on the west coast of Scotland.  We met the Royal Scot (train) there and ran a Highland Games for its passengers on 2 separate occasions.  That was pretty special.  Another memorable event was a Highland Games in a Cairngorm’s blizzard for a stag group.  That was fun too!!

Other than that, we taken our Highland Games to castles, school events, country estates and holiday accommodation around Scotland, helping people of all ages have fun along the way.

In Your Element also offers a whole host of other outdoor activities including archery, canoeing, gorge scrambling, river sledging, segways and much more.

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