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Guest Reviews

Guest reviews are vital to the success of your holiday rental. As a society, we now look at reviews on websites for everything from a washing machine to a new car. Even if you buy a small item of stationery from Amazon at just a few pounds you are sent a request for a review!   This is taking things a bit too far, but your potential guests will be spending anything from £2,000 – £10,0000 on our properties and they need to see each house has good reviews.

At House Parties we will automatically send a guest review two days after departure. Getting good reviews requires: –

  • Excellent customer service from us, from you and from your caretaking team
  • Ensuring your property is always presented to the highest standards
  • Going the extra mile, a small welcome gift, for example, really helps to make the guests feel welcome. It could be a small basket of local produce, or a box of chocolates if you know it’s someone’s birthday.

What happens if a guest threatens to leave a bad review?

  1. We are fortunate that this doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen occasionally. It generally happens for one of two reasons: -The guest has experienced problems during their stay and they feel that their problem was not dealt with efficiently. From time to time things go wrong, a dishwasher suddenly breaks, or the cleaners haven’t done as good as job as normal. It is how you address the problems that make all the difference. You may be able to solve the problem quickly, send the cleaners back and ask them to take a few bottles of wine with them, but if the problem is more serious you need to understand how badly it will affect your customers stay and act accordingly, possibly offering some form of refund if the problem is serious.If a guest feels the problem has been dealt with as quickly as possible and help has been given then you generally find they will still leave a good review, if they feel neglected, or that nobody has bothered to address the problem that is when you will, justifiably get a bad review.
  2. The guest has caused some damage, the cost of which has been deducted from their security deposit. If this is the case, we are within our T&C’s to inform the guest of the damage, the cost and copy invoices to rectify the damage.   If they then write a bad review it is up to us, together with the owner to reply to that review accordingly, acknowledging their behavior and the damages caused. Our attitude is that nobody wants these types of customer and one bad review amongst many good ones will hopefully put off any future customers whose conduct is not what we would expect. Don’t be scared or worried about the odd bad review, if the majority of your reviews are good you have nothing to worry about.

As standard, we pre-authorise the lead guests credit card as a security deposit against damages, normally to the value of £500 – £1000.00 depending on the size of property.

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