House Parties features stylish, large holiday homes in the U.K. Let us help you find the perfect group accommodation for your break …

Group Accommodation in the UK

House Parties offers a variety of accommodation types, suitable for all needs and types of holiday. You can view specific accommodation types below or read on for further information.

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When planning a trip away with a number of friends or family members, finding the right group accommodation can be a problem. Working out how many hotel rooms would be required to accommodate everyone, and what sort of configuration for each room, could be a real headache.

If your party is made up of lots of families with small children then a hotel is not necessarily suitable, they often don’t provide child friendly meal options and many parents don’t feel comfortable leaving their children sleeping in a hotel room that may be quite some distance from the restaurant and out of range for a baby monitor.

Some hotels accept dogs, but not many, so if you want to take pets with you, again, a hotel is not your best option. As with young children, many pet owners don’t like leaving their pet alone in a strange hotel room and hotel restaurants are definitely not pet friendly places!

It can also end up being costly and simply not a comfortable way to spend the time together. The idea is to enjoy each other’s company and have a great time, so what is the best alternative?

For groups of this nature, large holiday homes are by far the best option. Situated in all the most popular areas of the United Kingdom, and offering a range of sizes and number of bedrooms to suit all groups, these beautiful houses keep everyone together in one spot, in comfort and in style. Nestled in beautifully manicured gardens, often surrounded by stunning scenery, these homes are a dream come true for that family event or celebration with friends.

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The large holiday homes offer a wide range of modern, and often luxurious, comforts, including hot tubs, swimming pools, home cinemas and more, as well as fully equipped kitchens with all the modern appliances. Holding a dinner party for the whole family or group of friends is easy and convenient and, if you prefer not to cook, House Parties also offers catering services tailored to your needs. For many people having friends and relatives altogether is simply not an option at home due to size restrictions, it’s hard to get a dining table to seat 20 in your average sized family home.

A large house offers space to spread out, many have several reception rooms so that Granny and Grandad can enjoy a good book by the fire whilst the children are playing in the games room and Dad is having a sleep in the TV room. Younger children often want to eat different things and at different times, a large holiday house allows you the flexibility to feed the children, bath them and put them to bed and then enjoy your celebration meal knowing they are safe and sound upstairs. Little ones often don’t understand adults want a lie in at the weekend, but you can lie in, knowing they can amuse themselves in the TV or games room, not something you can do in a family room at a hotel, if they are awake – so will you be!

Not all hen parties want to start at 1pm and end at 1am wandering from bar to bar. Large houses are ideal for hens who just want a relaxing weekend away, maybe arrange for some beauty treatments, or cocktail making lessons followed by a delicious meal prepared by caterers. For some hens, a luxurious weekend away is all that is required, a chance to relax away while Dad’s stay at home and look after the children.

Large houses are also ideal for small corporate events and away days, they provide a quiet and relaxed atmosphere away from the office where people can escape the noise and constant disturbance of an office environment but still enjoy a catered meal in the evening and even a fully cooked breakfast if required. All our houses have wifi so it is easier to keep in touch and many have very large flat screen TV’s or cinemas which are ideal for presentations.

If you are planning a group getaway, either over a long weekend or longer, browse the great selection of group accommodation available on the House Parties website and have a great time. Whether you are celebrating a special birthday, an anniversary, or just an excuse to catch up with old friends, then we have just the right house for you: a seaside location, a rural location, a city centre, a house with ground floor accommodation or one with a pool or hot tub.

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