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Planning a visit to Scotland is not complete without a basic understanding of Scottish history however, because regardless of where you decide to visit there is always strong links with its brave, yet at times very sad past.  From you holiday cottage base you can plan to visit areas of historical interest for example follow the story of William Wallace (Braveheart) the 13th Century clansman who was involved in the highland uprising, his links with Robert the Bruce who took the throne after killing the true heir and finally united the clans against the English.  The history of the 18th Century Jacobite uprisings and the consequent battles against the English is apparent throughout Scotland – right up until the massacre at the Battle of Culloden between Bonnie Prince Charlie and King George II troops where the English won, killing thousands of clansmen.  Do not miss visiting Menzies Castle with its authentic exhibitions and the bedroom where Bonnie Prince Charlie spent the night before his eventual flee to France to escape the English.


Scotland is truly fascinating for all sorts of reasons, picturesque and stunning but it is steeped with tremendous history that gets you hooked.  From the luxury of your holiday cottage in Scotland you will have time to relax and absorb many of the historical events.  Remember to pack a variety of clothing, including a good waterproof as the weather is prone to change dramatically and very quickly, especially up in the highlands.  Start each day with a good breakfast so that when you leave your holiday cottage in Scotland you are ready to explore the very best of Scottish history.

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