Multiple Households in Self-Catering Accommodation


What about meeting people from other households indoors?

September 22 2020. New Rules for Scotland A maximum of 6 people, from 1 household can still meet indoors in a self-catering establishment.  Children under 12 DO NOT count in the total, but MUST be from the same household. This becomes law as of 25th September 2020. Exceptions are for funerals, weddings and civil ceremonies of up to 20 guests, maintaining social distancing in regulated venues only.

New Coronavirus Rules

In England only, the rules changed on 14th September 2020 as follows:-

No more than 6 people in any social setting. This includes self-catering accommodation.  You can have up to 6 people from different households including children, however you must socially distance.  Exceptions are for small socially distanced weddings and funerals and people in a support bubble.  Police have the powers to fine anyone breaking these rules.  This is now a law.

A support bubble is either a single person household or a single person household including children under 18.  For example, if you have one household of 6 in total (adults and children) and have a single person household with children under 18 this is acceptable.   Bubbles must be exclusive.

We are currently (22nd September 2020), dealing with bookings for September and October that no longer meet current guidelines.  We will await the next Government updates before we begin processing bookings for November onwards. If you have an overdue balance, we will not be requesting payment until we have clarification you may proceed with your reservation, at this point we will require your final balance and security deposit payments.  If your final balance is due less than 7 days before your arrival we will require payment by bank transfer so we can make payment to the owner of the property prior to your arrival.

We will attempt to keep information up-to-date, however, information is changing on a constant basis.  If you have a query about any booking from 1st November onwards we would ask for you to please email us with your query and we will endeavour to answer within 48 hours.  Written queries are far easier for us to keep track off and help us to help you as quickly as we can.

Please note:  Your contract is between yourself and the property owner.  House Parties will liaise with property owners and attempt to answer questions regarding your stay in a timely manner within 48 hours.  We are trying to keep information up-to-date, however, Government rules are changing constantly.  if you have a query please email us at

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