Multiple Households in Self-Catering Accommodation


Multiple Households in Self-Catering Accommodation

Created: July 15, 2020 from The Association of Scottish Self Caterers

What about meeting people from other households indoors?

From 10 July limited indoor gatherings will be permitted. A maximum of 8 people, from up to 3 different households can meet indoors. That comprises the household whose house the gathering is in and people from two additional households. We know that some individual households comprise more than 8 people, but it is nevertheless important to restrict the number of people meeting within enclosed spaces, which is why we are advising that only 8 people should meet at a time. As long as physical distancing between different households is maintained, this can include overnight stays. Individuals from different households are advised to keep 2 metres apart, be careful to clean surfaces if you touch them and wash your hands regularly, including when you enter someone’s house. You should not meet with people from any more than 4 different households in total in any single day, whether indoors or outdoors.

The following guidance for those organising ceremonies and receptions illustrates the reasoning behind maintaining the guidance for numbers mixing indoors, even where it may appear at first not necessary. The point being that larger groups of people coming together who know one another will be more likely to mix with one another i.e. in a hotel going in and out of each other’s rooms, which won’t be the case with those who are strangers to one another.

In England, it is 2 households sharing currently.

We are currently, not moving or refunding any bookings due after 20th July until we have further clarification.  If you have an overdue balance, we will not be requesting payment until we have clarification you may proceed with your reservation, at this point we will require your final balance and security deposit payments.  If your final balance is due less than 7 days before your arrival we will require payment by bank transfer so we can make payment to the owner of the property prior to your arrival.
We will attempt to keep information up-to-date, however, information is changing on a constant basis.

Please note:  Your contract is between yourself and the property owner.  House Parties will liaise with property owners and attempt to answer questions regarding your stay in a timely manner within 48 hours.  We are trying to keep information up-to-date, however, Government rules are changing constantly.  if you have a query please email us at

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