The Coronavirus and Bookings.

We are a small agency and we are doing our very best to answer our guest enquiries, at present our phone lines are closed as we do need all guests to put their requests in writing and we will deal with them in a timely manner.  We are answering emails 10-12 hours a day at the moment, please bear with us, we are doing our best.

Terms and Conditions

As a guest your contract has always been between yourself and the homeowner, House Parties Limited are unable to offer refunds as we act as a booking agent to our property owners. Therefore, the contract for the fulfilment of your holiday is held directly between you and the property. If you have any queries, please visit our terms for more information.

Under the terms and conditions the property owner is not required to issue a refund, even if a lockdown is put in place. Neither are they required to offer accommodation for alternative dates. However, many of our owners want to help and are currently offering guests the option to change dates whenever possible.

House Parties normally charge an administration fee for a change of dates and we are waiving this fee for the foreseeable future.

House Parties and our Owners please ask that you check your travel insurance first and if you can claim on this please do so. We as an agency are not eligable for any grants and the majority of our owners are not liable for any funding either, we are all doing our very best to try and offer our guests an alternative in very difficult circumstances, so if you can make a genuine claim, please do so.

To help us to try and help you and to try and reschedule as many of you as we can we would like to offer an alternative to those who would like to look forward to a longer break in the future.

If you are transferring a 2 or 3 night weekend break then we would be delighted to offer you to transfer your dates to a 4 night mid week break instead.

I have paid my deposit and my final balance is due – what are my options?

If you wish to to request a change of dates please email us and we will put your request to the owner of the property. If they are able to assist with a transfer you will be able to do this, however, your final balance will be due on the ORIGINAL due date. We cannot amend reservations until your final balance is paid. This allows our owners certainty that the group will proceed with their deferred holiday, rather than holding dates indefinitely.
If you choose not to pay your final balance then we will have to cancel your booking, you will forfeit your deposit.

I have paid in full – what are my options?

Again, if you wish to change dates (as above) then please email us and we will attempt to transfer your reservation. We do require you to select a new date in a timely fashion. If you do not wish to chose an alternative date in the future then your reservation will be deemed to have been cancelled and cannot be refunded.

Moving Forward

At this time we are dealing with all bookings between now and the end of May.  We have no clear indication as to what will happen, we hope that the ban will be lifted soon, for all bookings past the end of May we suggest you contact your insurance company to establish if you are eligble to make a claim.  In the meantime, we will keep this webpage up to date with information.

If you wish to change your dates of travel please email us at and we will answer as soon as we can.

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