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Can you keep your brand and still use an agent?

The OTA’s have done a great job over the last few years of trying to strip any brand name or identity from the properties that list on their sites. Many agents will also re-name a property in the hope that a potential guest will not find it elsewhere.

Drylaw House - Edinburgh

We at House Parties believe it is crucial to promote your brand. We will not re-name your house if we list it on our site, it will be listed under its’ real name. Why? Because our guests come to us to celebrate a special occasion, a birthday or an anniversary and they also recommend us to their friends and family.   When they tell their friends about their stay they will, without doubt, refer to the name of the house they stayed in, they may even mention it on their social media posts. We want them to not only recommend the great service they had from House Parties but the great experience they had staying in your property, how can we expect guests to remember your property, search for it or recommend it if we don’t tell them the name of it?

If you have a luxury, large holiday home in the UK and would like to work with an agent that promotes your brand then please contact me, Helen Thomas at moc.s1544859423eitra1544859423p-esu1544859423oh@se1544859423iriuq1544859423ne1544859423

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