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AirB&B Instant Book – A good Idea?

There are suggestions being made that Air B&B will eventually insist all hosts sign up to Instant Book. We understand why, from the customers view point, there maybe times that they need instant booking, if they are travelling last minute for business, for example. A guest needs to know their accommodation is booked and confirmed just the same as if they had booked a hotel.

The negatives from an owner and property managers point of view, is that Instant Book removes that opportunity to vet a potential guest. House Parties rent large, luxury houses; some are worth several million pounds and are rented to groups from 10 up to 30 guests.

We, as an agent, would never use Air B&B for this reason alone; we do not list any of our properties because we feel the risks are just to great.

So if you, or your current agent are currently using Air B&B to generate bookings but don’t want to commit to Instant Book, now might be the time to start searching for other, maybe safer ways to market your property. If you don’t sign up for Instant Book your property will already drop down the list, below those that do offer it and if Air B&B do insist, at some point in the future that all listings transfer to Instant Book then you will have no listing at all if you do not wish to go down this road.

House Parties offer a bespoke agency package; we offer a personal service to our property owners and our guests and match the right guest to the right property.

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