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21 Non-Tacky Ideas for Planning a Classy Hen Party

So, you’re getting ready to plan a hen party are you? That’s fantastic! A classy lady like yourself is probably looking for ideas that aren’t completely done over, don’t seem endlessly tacky and have a bit of class themselves. If you want a little help planning a party that goes beyond the penis straws and mixed drinks, here are 21 non-tacky ideas to help you have a party with a little class.

1. A Tea Party

You really couldn’t get any classier than a proper tea party. Hit the vintage shops and get some classy outfits together; don’t forget the hats and gloves either. Once you’ve dressed the part, head to someplace swanky like The Orangery in London and order the full spread. Be a little cheeky while you’re at it by packing a couple mini bottles of booze to spike the tea with when the bride isn’t looking.

2.Take a Class

Why not tie in a little education to the celebration by taking some kind of class. Dig into candle making, cake decorating or jewellery making while bonding and having a few drinks. Make your activity useful by creating something that can be utilized in the actual ceremony (how about center pieces for the tables or party favors?) Try venues like Workshop in Melbourne or Rachel Vosper’s candle making class in London.

3. Rent out a Castle

Scotland, Wales and Ireland are dotted with castles, many of which are happy to accommodate parties for an evening or too. You really can’t get any classier than spending an evening in a place fit for royalty. As always, dress the part, bring some nice bottles of wine and see what it’s like to live like a queen. Try the Aikwood Tower in Scotland for a castle that will really impress the bride.

4. Go Glamping

If you haven’t heard of glamping, you are seriously missing out. Essentially, it’s camping with a whole lot of luxury added on. There are destinations all over the world that offer luxurious situations while spending time in stunning outdoor settings. Decked out caravans, gorgeous Teepees and spacious tents are outfitted with all of the luxuries of a hotel so that you can be one with nature without sacrificing comfort. Many places offer packages so that you can dine under the stars or take baths in outdoor tubs. Check out Glamping Hub to find the perfect location near you.

5. Vintage Hairstyling

Get pampered the old school way with this vintage hairstyling event. There is actually a company in the South of England, Tea & Trim Vintage Hairstyling, that will come to you and style the entire hen party. You can get a lesson, have your hair and makeup done and have some tea too.

6. A Yoga Party

If getting obliterated at the bar isn’t your style, a yoga party might help you celebrate in a way that makes a little more sense to you. Consider doing a destination retreat that involves yoga classes, healthy eating and a whole lot of Zen.

7. Head to The Woods

Instead of partying in a nightclub and getting wasted at a local restaurant, take the hen party to the woods for some quality time. Babes in The Woods offers the bridal party a chance to do craft workshops, have a campfire dinner, drink cocktails and have massages all under a canopy of gorgeous trees.8. An Alice in Wonderland Inspired Party

8. A Winter Getaway

Winter time can be an absolutely magical time to throw a hen party. Sure, you will have to put on your water proof trousers and snow boots for this one but the adventure will be well worth it. Choose a snowy destination of your liking, rent a log cabin in the mountains and get ready for some snowy activities. Try dog sledding, snow shoeing, skiing or snowboarding. There will be plenty of time for spiked hot cider and hot chocolate when you ladies are warming up after a day spent in the great outdoors.

9. An Alice in Wonderland Inspired Party

Is the bride to be an Alice in Wonderland lover? Some people absolutely love the film and Alice’s magical world, making this party absolutely perfect for them. Based in Brighton, The Wonderland House offers perfectly decorate rooms and an enchanted tea party for a very wonderland-like gathering.

10. A Wine Tour

If you don’t happen to live near a popular wine growing region, consider making this a destination hen party. Head somewhere known for their wines like Napa in California or Tuscany in Italy. Rent a villa, get your hands on some push bikes and head off into the vineyards to do a wine tasting paired with some lovely cheeses.

11. Take a Cooking Class

All you ladies could probably use a lesson or two in the kitchen. And, if you’re already a fantastic cook, a day making fantastic foods with your closest friends couldn’t hurt. Pick a cuisine that the bride likes best and book a class that lasts for a half of the day. Learn to make new dishes, help each other and enjoy eating your creations at the end. Don’t forget to pack a couple bottles of wine too.

12. Go on a Road Trip

A road trip will truly test your friendship but will be fun in the process. Rent a car big enough for the entire party, choose a destination and hit the road. They say that “it’s about the journey, not the destination,” so make sure to take a whole bunch of impromptu stops before you actually arrive. Stock your phone up with inspiring and rowdy playlists to get the mood going while in the car. Think up of a few games to play to help you pass the time and work in some roadside attractions if you can find any. Stay in cheesy motels along the way or whip out the tents and camp in national forests or parks that you may pass. Bring snacks and don’t forget to take turns driving.

13. Bollywood Dance Lessons

Have you always wondered what it would be like to dance in a Bollywood music video? If so, this hen party idea may be just what you need. Hire instructors to come to your hen party, help you dress the part and learn all of the moves you see on T.V. Plus, once you and your lady crew have got down the routine, you can have someone film it to create your own personal music video.

14. Escape Room 

This one will really help you bond as you work as a team to escape the room. Part theatre, part game, you girls will be locked in a room where you must work together to solve riddles, puzzles and figure out clues in order to escape. You could even split up the party into two rooms and have a competition to see which one can escape the fastest. You will put your minds to work on this one and you can celebrate afterwards with a couple of cocktails.

15. An Adventure Activity

There are so many to choose from that we just have to give the whole thing its own category. Try white water rafting, zip lining, water skiing, obstacle courses, sky diving, bungee jumping or parasailing. Whatever your bride would like the best is what you should go for. Bring a little adrenaline into the mix and really earn those drinks and dinner that you will have once it’s all over. Could anything be scarier than getting married? You will be sure to find out.

16. Take a River Cruise

Find a river, any river, as long as the scenery is nice and take a cruise. Rent out a private boat and plan a day and evening full of activities that you can do right from the deck. If the weather is hot, you can hop off and swim or just stay dry and have cocktails while you sun bathe. Enjoy a dinner under the stars in the evening and wake up early to do some Tai Chi in the fresh morning air. Blast the music as loud as you want as you cruise along in privacy while you celebrate.

17. Makeover & Photo Shoot

This one pretty much has everything that the ladies love. You all will receive a makeover that includes hair, nails, makeup and dress. Once you are looking and feeling your best, you will have a photo shoot to capture your best angles and help you remember the evening. What’s better than looking gorgeous with your best friends and having the photos to show for it too.

18. A Day at The Spa

Dedicate an entire day to getting pampered at the spa. Hell, you can even do a tour of multiple spas to get the best variety of treatments. Try lounging in hot pools together, soaking up the steam in herbal saunas or getting mud treatments for your skin. Enjoy an array of massages from deep tissue to Swedish or get a facial to achieve that glow you’ve always wanted. Try Reiki and hot stone treatments, experiment with crystal healing and don’t forget a manicure and pedicure to top it all off. You will feel more relaxed than ever for the wedding festivities.

19. Go on a Brewery Tour

If you aren’t the kind of girls that like fancy cocktails and wine, a brewery tour may be a way better option for you. Head to a top brewery hub like Denver, Colorado, Wellington, New Zealand or Melbourne, Australia and do a little self guided tour. Hire a driver so that no one has to hold back and start touring as many craft breweries as you can find. Do the tasting flights, take a tour of the facilities and learn first-hand how the beers are actually made. Just don’t forget to soak it all up with a nice meal, preferably at a brew pub that might be able to pair the food with what’s in your pint.

20. Explore a New City

Calm your travel urges by planning a destination weekend away. Pick a completely different country and head there to explore for the entire weekend. You could stick to interesting places around Europe, perhaps dabble in Paris over wine and cheese or wander through the beer gardens in Munich. If you girls are a bit more adventurous than that, consider heading over to Asia. Hang out on rooftop bars in Bangkok, sip coffee in the cafes of Hanoi or take a few surf lessons in Bali. You could do some kind of excursion like hiking to base camp of Mt. Everest or volunteering together in Costa Rica. You can really put your own special spin on these kinds of trips to make them fit the tastes of everyone involved.

21. Have a Themed Party

The ideas are endless so make sure to do a bit of brainstorming with the team to see which one is the best. You could do a Pin-up party, masquerade, 80’s, 90’s, 60’s or 20’s era party, drag-show party or regular ole’ costume party. Dress your best and keep in character the entire time. For example, if you choose to go with a 20’s theme, take the time to do a bit of vintage shopping and get the real deal kind of costumes. Have your hair and makeup done like the ladies did it back in the day and set up the venue with decorations that are reminiscent of old times. Hire bartenders that can mix up old fashioned drinks and play music that would be on during that era. Keep with the theme but don’t forget to let loose.


Each bride and hen party is unique so don’t plan one that is the same as all of the others out there. Ditch the tacky decorations, do not get blackout drunk on a sticky nightclub floor and forgo the strippers. There are much classier ways to celebrate these days! Get in touch with us and see if we can help you plan a hen party to remember for the right reasons. 

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